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Revived - Cat Patrick Die fünf Leben der Daisy West - Cat Patrick

"15 years old Daisy is a teenager. Not a normal one, she already died 5 times and always got revived. How? She's member of a secret project. The Revive-Project.


When she dies, she gets a completely new identity and has to start a new life. In her latest new life she starts making friends. Friends, she never had before. Audrey and Matt are siblings and Daisy loves them both for their beeing themselves. She starts to question the project and find herself in facing problems, that she never had before. Dangerous problems ..."




Wow, the german cover looks amazing. I choosed this book to be one of my lectures for my holidays and the colours just match the sunny, free freeling perfectly. I read it myself as an ebook but yeah, i saw it in a shop and started to be sad of not having it at home.




Daisy! I love her, she had such a sweet character. I loved the way she acts, talks and just is beeing herself. She's pretty young but trust me, she doesn't behave as some teenagers in other books. Her freidns and family all had a very own character. I can't really write much about them since that would be too much to know for people who want to read this book. Do you want to read it yet? No? Well, let me go on ...




This story, at least if you read the german summery, looks like a dystopia. But it is, definately, not! It's some sort of a young adult since fiction drama. That's a lot but kind of describing the story the best.


This story is about friendship, first love, death and mourning.


Do we humans really need some kind of medicine like Revive? What would happen? This book shows you what COULD happen and will, for sure, make you think about it!


For the german review, please look @ my blog